2005-03-08 6:32 a.m.

Back to Normal

Wednesday afternoon we heard the good news about TheCat's lump. Wednesday night things were back to normal.

That night TheCat set about her life's work again -- popping open the office door so that she can find excellent hiding spots and, incidentally, drive the humans crazy with her scrabbling noises. Problem is, the office is ground zero for my grand interior repainting project, and I do not want the kitty near my painting supplies. So drastic measures had to be taken.


I'm certain she spent all day applying all the powers of her tiny walnut brain to the task of getting around that bookcase. I expected to come home to find that the bookcase had been moved away from the door about three inches, or that the bookcase had not moved at all but TheCat would be wedged in the space between the back of the bookcase and the door. Neither of these came to pass, which might also be why she was back to standing in the hallway and announcing her dissatisfaction to all and sundry.

It's good to have my kitty back.


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