2005-03-02 9:19 p.m.

TheCat Has A Health Scare

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been away having a cancer scare with my cat.

TheCat needed to have her teeth cleaned, and while they had her knocked out they found she had a lump on her left cheekbone. They took an xray of it and told me that they'd need to consult with a specialist, but that there was about an 80% chance it was a kitty cancer of the terminal variety.

I was heartbroken. I spent four days on an off-and-on crying jag, trying to figure out how to say goodbye to my little friend. She's 12, which isn't exactly young in cat years, but she's the type of cat that you expect to stick around for at least 20 years out of spite.

Specialist looked at the x-ray and said yep, it definitely looked like one of two types of nasty tumors. We took TheCat in for a needle biopsy, and she was less than thrilled to be knocked unconscious again and wake up with mouth pain again. TheCat spent the weekend sulking and looking puffy. I tried to give her as much attention as she'd tolerate and not worry about what came next.

We got the results today. It turns out that the lump is an ossifying fibroma and not malignant. It might grow a little, and if it gets to the point where she's uncomfortable we can have it removed, but it's not going to turn cancerous.

She looks a little lopsided, but she's healthy.

I got my little friend back today.


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