2004-12-26 10:48 p.m.

The Christmas Score

Total number of green vegetables at both celebrations: 1 (a salad)

Total number of desserts at both celebrations: 9 (Turtledove's mom went a little bit overboard)

Number of cookbooks we got as gifts (me for Christmas, TheBoy for his birthday): 4

Total number of presents opened: endless

Number of viewings of A Christmas Story: 1/2.

Number of fights: 1/2 (it happened over the phone, so we only heard one side)

Number of wedding conversations: 4

Number of grandchild conversations: 1. (Mom: "John's wife is having a baby in January." Me, ignoring the hint that I should collapse in a whimpering pile of baby lust at the very mention of an impending child: "Oh, that's nice. Pass the cheese?")

Number of goats: 0 (Aunt Slappy couldn't come, though last I heard she doesn't currently have a goat anyway.)

Number of happy, well-fed and thoroughly swagged-out people: all in attendance.


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