2005-09-06 8:49 p.m.

Right-Wing Christian Compassion in Action

Like everyone (except for the Bush administration, apparently), TheBoy and I have been absolutely horrified by the news coming out of New Orleans, and have been devouring the news and reading weblogs to keep up with what's going on. (One good place to do the latter is the katrinacanefriendslist on LiveJournal.

Many, many bloggers have discussed this subject far more thoroughly and knowledgeably, so I have little to add to the discussion except for this little tidbit:

I'm subscribed to a bunch of lefty/civil liberties e-mail lists, as well as a right-wing Christian organization's list (in order to keep an eye on the opposition). On September 1st and 2nd, I got e-mail from all my lists expressing sympathy for the hurricane victims and suggesting ways to help -- except for one.

That list (and I don't need to spell out for you which one that would be) sent an email about another "emergency:" the bill that would legalize gay marriage in California. Oh, and Planned Parenthood tells lies about teenage abortion. And by the way, there was a hurricane.

You can't take a little time out of the politics to express some, oh, Christian compassion for hurricane victims? Apparently not, because dudes kissing is much more of a crisis than THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DYING.



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