2004-12-25 11:21 p.m.

El Suburb Wishes You A Merry Christmas

We had a white Christmas this year!


OK, so it's frost, not snow, but it's as close as we get around here. The temperature this morning was a bone-chilling 36 degrees, which made us extra thankful this morning for the Christmas miracle.

The freeway was emptier than I've ever seen it.


We had two Christmases: one at Turtledove's parents' house and one at my parents'. Way too much food and sugar was consumed, excellent present were swapped and we all went home fat and happy.

Afterwards TheBoy and I looked at Christmas lights. Among those who know where it is, El Suburb has a reputation for impressive light displays. It's probably not much compared to what places like Houston get, but by Bay Area standards it's pretty neat. About 1 house in 4 has at least icicle lights, but several others have such joys/horrors (depending on your perspective) as animatronic reindeer, Santa projected onto a house wall, and all manner of blinking and glowing things. One house was so impressively lit up that you could see it from the freeway, at least 1/2 mile away.

Our house has no lights on it right now, because we have no holiday spirit and hate America, but also because there's no outside outlet and TheBoy has expressly prohibited me from putting glowing reindeer on the roof. One day I hope I can put up enough lights to have my house seen from space, but for now I'll just enjoy my tree.

May all your Christmases be bright and blinky.


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