2003-05-22 - The Sedan of Evil
2003-05-16 - I'm Not Speaking To Myself For A Long Time
2003-05-13 - Things I'll Miss About My Soon-To-Be-Ex-Neighborhood: The Corner Store
2003-05-08 - Rooting for the Oakland Readers
2003-05-06 - Ten Things I've Been Doing Instead of Updating My Diary
2003-05-05 - Lost: One Petsitter
2003-04-30 - Mysteries of the Universe: Why Users Lie
2003-04-29 - Precious Gets Officially Named
2003-04-25 - Who Would Jesus Pitch To?
2003-04-22 - The Calico As Drama Queen
2003-04-19 - Letters, Oh I Write Letters
2003-04-17 - The Combat Seder
2003-04-14 - On Rebellion and Haircuts
2003-04-12 - Another Round of Russian Roulette
2003-04-09 - A Love Note From The Party
2003-04-07 - The Cutest Dinner Ever
2003-04-05 - Spunky Is A Dog, Not A Soldier
2003-04-02 - The Matrix Revisited
2003-03-31 - Opening Day
2003-03-29 - Even More Letters
2003-03-27 - A Unicorn Sighting
2003-03-25 - Rating the Casual Carpool
2003-03-23 - Soldiers for the Superficial
2003-03-21 - Everybody Sucks
2003-03-20 - The Morning After
2003-03-18 - An Immodest Proposal to Stop the War in Iraq
2003-03-17 - What's Shiny Today: Warping the Nation's Youth Edition
2003-03-15 - Towing the Line
2003-03-13 - A Typical Magpie Day at the Dentist
2003-03-13 - A Sysadminly Public Service Announcement
2003-03-12 - 101 Shiny Facts (Mostly) About Me
2003-03-10 - This War Is Brought To You By...
2003-03-08 - Things You Can Tell Just By Drinking With Him
2003-03-06 - What's Shiny Today: Spring Fever Edition
2003-03-05 - No Nukes, No Nookie
2003-03-01 - TheCat Expresses Displeasure
2003-02-27 - Hanging Up The Cardigan for the Last Time
2003-02-26 - No Tide For You!
2003-02-26 - Submarine Nets for the 21st Century

Spring 2002
In which Magpie discovers the addictiveness of online diary keeping and decides to stick around.

Summer 2002
In which Magpie, TheBoy and TheCat become a Nielsen family, and the A's make a run for the playoffs.

Fall 2002
In which Magpie competes in Diary Survivor 4, the A's compete in the playoffs and both get knocked out early.

Winter 2002
In which work continues to suck and a bunch of holidays happen.

Spring 2003
In which a bunch of bad things happen -- kind of like the Lemony Snicket books, only without an inheritance.

Summer 2003
In which Magpie and TheBoy actually manage to blow town, and the A's manage to blow the playoffs. Again.

Fall 2003
In which Magpie becomes incoherent, only able to babble, House! House! Houuuuuuuuuse!

Winter 2004
In which Magpie settles into the house and life in El Suburb, pimps the Diarist Awards and gets a little ranty.

Spring/Summer 2004
In which TheBoy moves in, Sweetcheeks and Turtledove get engaged, the gnomes disappear and living under the Bush administration wears really thin.

Fall 2004
In which the gnomes return from their vacation, the bathroom gets ripped up and the Nest household goes into political mourning.

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