2003-03-13 7:55 a.m.

A Sysadminly Public Service Announcement

Yes, it's a bummer that we weren't able to get to our diaries last night. But.

Moving servers is a total drag, and I speak from experience here. What you're doing is for everyone's benefit and the decision to do it isn't taken lightly. It means that for improvements that are at best vague and long-term (better throughput, fewer outages) you get immediate inconvenience, a ton of lost sleep (the better to help people avoid inconvenience) and, in this case, thousands of people looking at their watches, grousing, "Why aren't the servers back yet? I want my diary!"

Also: Compact, powerful servers are expensive. Cheap servers are also expensive, because they take up lots of expensive rack space and expensive bandwidth. There are big honkin' HVAC units and big honkin' UPSs and redundancy upon redundancy to keep our diaries up, and that all costs bucks. And Andrew's time should cost a lot of money, only it's not because he's doing this to build a community and not to make a buck. Most of us don't pay more than $30 a year for this and lots don't pay one thin dime.

So if you're happy this service is here, please go write Andrew a quick note thanking him for all he does to keep the site up and happy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cynicism.

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