2002-10-29 9:24 p.m.

The Steakumms and Sweetcheeks Show

Sunday night TheBoy and I crashed the bro's apartment for game 7 of the World Series. The bro and his girlfriend, Turtledove, moved in together a little under two years ago, and they immediately slipped into comfortable nonnubial domestic bliss. Their current love hut is fairly close to my apartment, and they not only don't mind but actually encourage us to drop in unannounced on the weekends, the fools.

The bro and TheBoy immediately fell into the weird half-squabbling, half-flirting rhythm they get into. It's hard to tell sometimes which way things will swing -- will they fight with each other? Will they draw me or Turtledove or both into it? Will they bond and gang up on me? (Turtledove, who has a low tolerance for being teased, gets a free pass.) Will they flirt enough to make everyone else around them ill?

That night was a bonding night. Apparently their common love of baseball, combined with a few well-placed dick jokes, brought them together, with a minimum of abuse towards those around them.

They have a very strange relationship, those two. One night, over a family dinner at a nice restaurant with my deeply confused parents, they even came up with pet names for each other. TheBoy is "Steakumms" and the bro is "Sweetcheeks."

The Giants lost the game and the series, though it could be argued that they lost the series in game 6, not 7. Steakumms discreetly refrained from making rude comments about J. T. Snow, and Sweetcheeks did not rub in the fact that the A's didn't even make it past through the first round. In their shared disappointment that the Giants lost and the Angels (who almost beat the A's for the AL West division title) won, they were almost kind to each other.

God, that was scary. I hope things get back to normal soon.

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