2004-12-20 13:30

Rumsfeld, Sweetheart of the DoD

Aww, isn't this sweet? Bush thinks Rumsfeld is "a good human being" and "a caring fellow."

Of course, Mark Geragos wants us to belive similar things about Scott Peterson, so that's not worth much.

The latest story is one which CNN ran on Headline News all day yesterday but is apparently too chickenshit to run it on their website now that it's Monday and people might actually see it. Rumsfeld apparently couldn't be bothered to take the extra five seconds it would take to personally sign condolence letters to military families whose loved ones gave their lives for Halliburton and country. Instead he told Stars and Stripes that he used "a mechanical device" to do the signing. Even members of his own party are losing patience with him.

Of course, the problem isn't just that Rumsfeld is repulsive; it's that he's representing a repulsive administration with repulsive policies. Getting rid of him won't change that, though it will mean we'll hear fewer stories like this. I'm personally hoping that he sticks around long enough to piss off more red-state senators and widen the gap between the moderate and radical wings of the Republican party.

It's going to be a very long four years.


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