2002-11-04 4:55 PM

Our Schools Must Do A Better Job Teaching The Profanities

Friends S. and A. are co-resident managers of a loft complex that just opened in a borderline area of town. (Theirs is the place that recently set off my architectural clock, though the ringing has quieted down since I noticed how shoddy the construction is.)

The longterm residents are understandably less than thrilled with the recent yuppie invasion. Yuppie condos are never well-received in these parts, and it certainly doesn't help that the builders only provided parking for half the units and nothing for guests. Which led S. to get the following note on his wheezy old truck this weekend, from someone who decided that S. should not park on the street in front of his/her house:



I'm going to the polls tomorrow for essentially two reasons:

I am such a beacon of democracy.

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