2002-12-29 11:21 a.m.

Miiiiiiiiiine. Preeeeeeeciousssss.

Wondering why I haven't updated lately? Well, I got a TiVo for Christmas, y'see. Miiiiiiiiiiine. Preeeeeeeccioousss.

I haven't watched this much TV since I first got cable. (In college, because my Mean and Awful Parents wouldn't get it while I was living in the house. They wisely foresaw screaming fights between my brother and me over which shows we'd sit around slack-jawed and drooling in front of all day and decided it just wasn't worth the few hours of Bravo they'd manage to sneak in. Getting a second set hooked up wasn't an option -- partly because cabling it would have been a nightmare, due to the house's layout, and partly because they knew they would never see their children again.)

Each morning I scamper out to see what goodies Precious has harvested for me overnight. Its recommendations have so far been completely off base, but that hasn't dimmed my affection a whit. Not so long as it keeps me fed with a steady diet of the stuff I do ask for -- Good Eats, Monk, King of the Hill and a zillion stealth decorating shows. (MTV and VH1 even have their own now -- Rock the House and Crib Crashers, respectively. Scary, huh?)

And I've been pausing live TV and fast-forwarding it just because I can.

TheBoy, far from trying to wean me of my addiction, is totally happy about this, because it leaves the field clear for him to play Civ on my computer all day. And TheCat is on board for anything that leaves warm laps around the house, though she's had to perfect her Poor Weak Starving Kitty meow to ensure she gets enough food and petting.

The true test of how strong a hold Precious has on me will come tomorrow, when I may have to report in person for jury duty. (The county told me I might be off the hook, but have to call in in the late morning to know for sure.) Will I stroll into the jury room serenely, secure in the knowledge that anything worth watching on TV being broadcast that afternoon (and quite a few things that aren't) are being preserved for me by my Precious? Or will I twitch like a smoker on a non-smoking flight?

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