2005-01-01 10:51 p.m.

The Caffeine Master

Tonight TheBoy and I were hanging out in the City with some of those LiveJournal people and ended up at SF's current coffee mecca. I haven't had caffeine for well over a year, but after reviewing the coffee options (and noting that the decaf was limited to one sad, dusty jar labeled "Decaf French") it was clear that asking about decaf was most definitely not the thing to do.

Good plan, because we were in the hands of a caffeine master. Phil custom-brews each cup, adding all kinds of things you wouldn't expect to be in drip coffee, such as cardamom and whole mint leaves. For special and/or overwhelmed people, he'll do a custom blend of beans. There were five of us and we were all sampling each other's coffee, as well as having tastes of a couple of special cups Phil brewed up just for us to sample. I was definitely swooning and probably cooing as well.

I'm buzzing like I haven't been since I first had espresso, and I will probably continue vibrating until at least 3 AM, but oh, it was worth it.


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