2005-01-14 4:43 PM

Party Shuffle

Rumblelizard challenges:

So, because all the cool kids are doing it, I hit "shuffle" on my entire digital music library (at least the ones I've gotten around to burning onto my hard drive) and these are the first ten songs that came up.

What are yours?

  1. High Roller, Crystal Method
  2. Paris, Oct. 61, La Tordue
  3. Namaste, Beastie Boys
  4. Butterflies & Hurricanes, Muse
  5. Phat in the Whole (Roll Mix), Marginal Prophets
  6. Killer's Lullaby, Faithless
  7. One Two Cha Cha Cha, Usha Uthup & Chorus
  8. All Lifestyles, Beastie Boys
  9. Shake What Your MaMa Gave You, Luke
  10. Freedom of Choice, Devo

Love, love, love the Party Shuffle on iTunes. Love.

So what are yours?


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