2003-02-25 - On Fromness and Home
2003-02-21 - Lunch Gone Horribly Wrong
2003-02-20 - That Fickle Morning Luck
2003-02-19 - Urban Ergonomics
2003-02-18 - Forecast: No Snow... Ever
2003-02-13 - What's Shiny Today: Code Orange Alert Edition
2003-02-06 - A Sip of Hairy Man Ass
2003-02-02 - Officer Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing
2003-02-01 - Columbia
2003-01-30 - A Harvest Gold Farewell
2003-01-26 - A Trip to the Cute Asian Candy Store
2003-01-18 - What's Shiny Today: Piggybacking on Other People's Diary Entries Edition
2003-01-16 - Let's All Go To The Protest
2003-01-15 - Wizards Don't Worry About Employment
2003-01-07 - Your Favorite Burrito Is A Star!
2003-01-05 - Some New Year's Resolutions, With Backstory
2003-01-02 - New Year's Snoozin' Eve
2002-12-30 - An Early Californian Opinion on the Cold
2002-12-29 - Miiiiiiiiiine. Preeeeeeeciousssss.
2002-12-24 - Merry Kung Pao Chickmas
2002-12-23 - Is it 2002 or 1942?
2002-12-20 - Things That Make You Go Huh?
2002-12-16 - Peets Don't Fail Me Now
2002-12-15 - A Difficult Lesson Learned
2002-12-12 - Maybe The 90s Aren't So Far Gone After All
2002-12-11 - Xmas Shopping The Magpie Way!
2002-12-09 - Hanno Found!
2002-12-08 - Babies, Babies Everywhere and Not A Grandchild to Spoil
2002-12-05 - What's Shiny Today: The Just Plain Wrong Files
2002-12-03 - A Tale of Two Holidays, Part 2
2002-12-02 - A Tale of Two Holidays, Part 1
2002-11-27 - No Gnome For The Holidays
2002-11-25 - Mousie Meets Its Match
2002-11-20 - Three More Bricks Paving Our Collective Road to Hell
2002-11-19 - Merry Goatmas, or A Crash Course on Holidays and My Family
2002-11-18 - We Know What Doom Smells Like
2002-11-15 - Dirty Friday Five
2002-11-14 - What's Shiny Today: Dead Or Just Creepy Edition
2002-11-13 - My Cat Reaches For Her Smelling Salts

Spring 2002
In which Magpie discovers the addictiveness of online diary keeping and decides to stick around.

Summer 2002
In which Magpie, TheBoy and TheCat become a Nielsen family, and the A's make a run for the playoffs.

Fall 2002
In which Magpie competes in Diary Survivor 4, the A's compete in the playoffs and both get knocked out early.

Winter 2002
In which work continues to suck and a bunch of holidays happen.

Spring 2003
In which a bunch of bad things happen -- kind of like the Lemony Snicket books, only without an inheritance.

Summer 2003
In which Magpie and TheBoy actually manage to blow town, and the A's manage to blow the playoffs. Again.

Fall 2003
In which Magpie becomes incoherent, only able to babble, House! House! Houuuuuuuuuse!

Winter 2004
In which Magpie settles into the house and life in El Suburb, pimps the Diarist Awards and gets a little ranty.

Spring/Summer 2004
In which TheBoy moves in, Sweetcheeks and Turtledove get engaged, the gnomes disappear and living under the Bush administration wears really thin.

Fall 2004
In which the gnomes return from their vacation, the bathroom gets ripped up and the Nest household goes into political mourning.

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