2002-11-13 - Mini-Vacation
2002-11-08 - The Shiny Chef Makes Mexican Ring Thing
2002-11-07 - My New Celebrity Friends
2002-11-06 - IC #5: Crushed With Eyeliner
2002-11-04 - Our Schools Must Do A Better Job Teaching The Profanities
2002-11-02 - Rings n Things
2002-11-02 - Ho-Hum Halloween
2002-10-31 - My Diaryland Trading Card
2002-10-30 - Some More Burning Questions
2002-10-29 - The Steakumms and Sweetcheeks Show
2002-10-28 - IC #4: What's Shiny Today: Halloween Edition
2002-10-25 - Life in a New Cube
2002-10-22 - IC #3: My Somewhat Untimely Death
2002-10-20 - It's A Neighborly Day In This Beauty Wood
2002-10-19 - The Highest Expression of the Book Builder's Art
2002-10-14 - IC #2: Safety Recall of Defective Creation
2002-10-14 - What's Shiny Today (Reasons To Be Happy Edition)
2002-10-12 - Flu Imprisonment, Day 3
2002-10-11 - My Cat Joins A Cult
2002-10-10 - Let Your Hormones Do The Shopping
2002-10-09 - That Thing That's Going Around, and Meat Bucket
2002-10-07 - IC #1: Letter from the Island
2002-10-06 - This Ballot Measure Will Corrupt Your Children, Trash Your Yard and Drink All Your Beer
2002-10-04 - The Colo Is A Hoover To The Soul
2002-09-30 - Magpie's Nest 101

Spring 2002
In which Magpie discovers the addictiveness of online diary keeping and decides to stick around.

Summer 2002
In which Magpie, TheBoy and TheCat become a Nielsen family, and the A's make a run for the playoffs.

Fall 2002
In which Magpie competes in Diary Survivor 4, the A's compete in the playoffs and both get knocked out early.

Winter 2002
In which work continues to suck and a bunch of holidays happen.

Spring 2003
In which a bunch of bad things happen -- kind of like the Lemony Snicket books, only without an inheritance.

Summer 2003
In which Magpie and TheBoy actually manage to blow town, and the A's manage to blow the playoffs. Again.

Fall 2003
In which Magpie becomes incoherent, only able to babble, House! House! Houuuuuuuuuse!

Winter 2004
In which Magpie settles into the house and life in El Suburb, pimps the Diarist Awards and gets a little ranty.

Spring/Summer 2004
In which TheBoy moves in, Sweetcheeks and Turtledove get engaged, the gnomes disappear and living under the Bush administration wears really thin.

Fall 2004
In which the gnomes return from their vacation, the bathroom gets ripped up and the Nest household goes into political mourning.

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