2004-12-18 5:50 p.m.


What I said yesterday? Make that double.

What the hell was Billy Beane thinking? The folks on Baseball Primer seem to think it's a good deal, and Mulder did spend a lot of the last couple of seasons injured. Still, I'm glad I held on to my money for the bathroom remodel and didn't shell out for season tickets.

I know the sports talk is probably boring the snot out of most of my Holidailies readers, and I promise not to write about this any more as long as Beane keeps up his end of the deal and stops making moves that make me want to curl up in a little ball and cry. But between this, the perennially sucky Warriors, not one but two cellar-dwelling NFL teams, the Cal Rose Bowl fiasco (people, my dad's been waiting for this since he was a college freshman, and he's hitting full retirement age in a couple of months) and the hockey strike sidelining our only decent winter team, it's a sad, sad time to be a Bay Area sports fan.

Please either wake me up when this is all over or stick another box of Kleenex under my dining room table. I'm running out here.


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