2005-03-22 13:34

Mars and Venus in the Server Room

Magpie: so i'm proxy boss today

Magpie: i fired ex-boss twice at the group meeting

TheBoy: w00t!

TheBoy: yeehaw!

TheBoy: and then immediately rehired him so you could fire him again?

Magpie: nah, i just fired him twice


TheBoy: those bastards!

Magpie: who?

TheBoy: the admins

TheBoy: they took away my root access...

TheBoy: and made me use SUDO!

Magpie: hee

TheBoy: *sob*

Magpie: but they didn't take root away altogether. it's not like you have to go tug on their skirts and say, 'please run this root command for me'

TheBoy: yeah i know

Magpie: so quitcher whining.

TheBoy: and they haven't actually taken away root on any of our existing servers

Magpie: see?

Magpie: be grateful!

TheBoy: i just have to use sudo on the new server we just got

TheBoy: still!

TheBoy: it's inconveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenient

Magpie: waah

TheBoy: yes!

TheBoy: exactly!

TheBoy: waah!

Magpie: no sympathy here.

TheBoy: you're heartless

Magpie: i'm an admin. it's in the job description

TheBoy: i know

Magpie: :D

TheBoy: bitch

Magpie: :P

TheBoy: yeah well

Magpie: watch it or i might fire you too


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