2005-09-25 8:34 a.m.

A New Combatant in the War Against Compassion

So Dad was talking to Uncle Jesus last week (who couldn't travel to the wedding, more about which in a later post). Uncle Jesus and his family live in (where else?) the suburbs of Dallas, and he works for the IRS call center. This is, of course, a source of much mirth, since Dad's a CPA and spends much of his professional life helping his clients give the IRS as little money as possible.

Besides being hurricane season, this is also the slow season for the IRS. So when Uncle Jesus came back from his week off, he found that not only had they rearranged the office (which just blows when you're blind), but that his department would be repurposed for the next little while. That's right -- the government's most notoriously compassionate agency, the IRS, will be fielding calls from Katrina victims.

Will they be able to actually do anything helpful for the people calling in, Dad asked? Uncle Jesus didn't know, but expected he'd find out during his one-day training.

Apparently during the course of this conversation, Dad also found out that Uncle Jesus is still a Bush supporter, though he spared me details so he wouldn't have to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth. If anyone who's reading this lives near Dallas, you mind going over and barricading their house on the next Election Day, and the two weeks before Election Day if Dallas has early voting? Thank you very much.

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