2002-09-05 2:15 PM

What's Shiny Today (Hell in a Handbasket Edition)

Back in junior high, we would get at least one good teacher freakout per class per year. It usually took at least 20 minutes of time we'd otherwise have to waste, y'know, learning, and ended with the teacher purple or screaming or both.

I'm not sure if it was because most of us were pampered suburbanites in an area where most of our teachers couldn't afford to live, or because we were preteens, or because our teachers were stuck with us through all three years and grew to dread seeing our little faces, or some combination of the above. All I know is that one of the more memorable moments in junior high was the day in 7th grade it was Mrs. B's turn to lose it, and she ended her purple, screaming 20-minute rant with, "You're all going to HELL in a HANDBASKET!"

Thus, the Hell in a Handbasket edition of What's Shiny. Here's hoping Mrs. B. now has a good cardiologist, or at least a big, cold pitcher of gin and tonics.

About my one loyal reader:

See, this is what happens when you get a gold membership and start paying attention to your stats. While D'land superstars such as Marn have at least three loyal readers, I've found through my logs that I have exactly one, who's a, er, student at Napa State. He doesn't get ESPN, and he also doesn't get out much (except for the occasional stroll around "campus"), so he apparently counts on me to keep in touch with the world, poor sap.

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