2002-11-02 10:06 p.m.

Ho-Hum Halloween

Halloween this year was a non-event. I just wasn't really into it in the first place, and it didn't seem like anyone around me was, either. No one at work brought candy, though someone did bring a dessert called Worms and Dirt -- kind of like this, though I think they used Jell-o pudding instead of homemade.

As for parties, there weren't any. Even the much-anticipated party by some of my old friends at Little Hippie U. was pushed back and possibly scaled down. One of the geek houses (yes, geek, not Greek -- LHU didn't do frats) had a huge party every year for Halloween, as well as a couple of others during the year, and I haven't been to one in years. (I blew town as soon as I graduated, and then didn't hear that the parties were still happening until I'd been back in the Bay Area for three years.) So anyway, the party is now a gross-looking foods potluck, so I'll have to give the Kitty Litter Cake a try.

Even the trick-or-treaters didn't bother to show up, which wasn't much of a surprise, even though the weather was pretty nice this year. The first year I lived in this apartment I seriously stocked up on the candy, and no one came by. I quickly realized that the little darlings were too lazy to climb three flights of stairs, even for sugar. And people wonder why American children have a problem with obesity...

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