2005-03-16 7:37 p.m.

Floor Chocolate

The package I sent last week for the Great International Secret Blog Exchange has been received. Red, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you've managed to get some sleep in the past 72 hours.

So when I was buying the aforementioned GISBE swag, some of the chocolate managed to follow me home. A whole lot of it, actually. So much chocolate that TheBoy and I decided we couldn't eat it all by ourselves (well, we COULD have, but it wouldn't have been pretty) and invited some friends over for a Chocolate Tasting. That way we could not only eat gobs of chocolate, but we could food-geek out with like-minded people and pretend to elevate it above gluttony.

Saturday afternoon, TheBoy, Deaf Midget, Mad Scientist (Kidnapper of Gnomes), Rico Suave (so called here because of his time spent in Latin America and his unconscious but intense Sensitive New Age Guy pull with women) and I sat down to taste chocolate.

Because Deaf Midget has a much longer attention span than I do, I'll crib her list of what we tasted (all of which was obtained at Fog City News, voted best newsstand and best candy store in the City):

All of the chocolate was cut up into little squares and put on a platter, both for the Pretentious Foodie effect and because that way some of us could taste blind. It was very fun watching people try stuff and guess at what was in the chocolate. (Deaf Midget was convinced the Hachez had orange in it, and everyone had an eye-popping moment followed by a swoon when tasting the Xocolatl, which is why for the rest of the afternoon it was the "stoney chocolate.") But the cutting-up portion of the afternoon's festivities led to the discovery of a whole new confection I'd never heard of.

I was cutting up the Chai chocolate when half of the bar flew onto the floor. I scooped it up and was preparing to chuck it in the trash when I heard a gasp from the doorway.

Mad Scientist and Rico Suave were standing there gaping in horror. "You're not going to... throw that out, are you?" asked Mad Scientist, hoping to God he was wrong but fearing the worst. "You can't do that!" agreed Rico Suave. "That's floor chocolate." TheBoy came in to check out what was going on[1] and Mad Scientist informed him, "She was going to throw out the floor chocolate."

Because by this time I found myself actually rinsing off the floor chocolate, for reasons that fell somewhere between affection for my friends and fear of the crazy. I patted the floor chocolate dry, wrapped it up in a paper towel and hoped that they'd be distracted by better, tastier, cleaner chocolate in the other room. And so it came to pass.

[1] Important, Relationship-Preserving Disclaimer: TheBoy would want you to know that he had no interest whatsoever in eating the floor chocolate.


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