2005-08-05 3:16 p.m.

You Can't Keep Them Out In The Garden Once They've Seen Paris

This afternoon I went in the backyard to drop off some herbs and the spoils from my 6-Charbucks tour of the East Bay. (I just started a compost pile and Charbucks gives away free used coffee grounds, so it was imperative that I scope out the grounds-freebie situation at every Charbucks within a 5-mile radius of El Suburb. Where's the little copper bucket they leave them out in? Do I need to ask for grounds at the counter instead? When is the best time of day to net the biggest haul? These things are important, people. But I digress.)

So I was balancing my 15 pounds or so of caffeinated leftovers when I noticed something... odd.. on the table.

Naturally, when odd things happen in the garden my first instinct is to look for the garden gnomes. They, of course, are gone. Where are they this time? On a coconut tiki pirate ship would be my first guess.

Once again I await postcards.


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