2005-01-05 10:50 p.m.

Magic Bonus Day

I thought I needed to go to work on Monday, after bigwannabe.com had its holiday shutdown. But I had to hang out and wait for the contractors to come because I had some questions on The Remodeling Project That Will Never End, Ever, And We'll Be Using A Porta-Potty When We're 50.

Talked to the contractors, got my questions answered, shot off a quick e-mail to the boys that I was running late, and promptly got a message on my pager informing me that it was a holiday, duh.

So Monday was like a Magic Bonus Day. But what were my coworkers doing reading work e-mail at 9 AM on a holiday, hmm? I'm happy they were, because otherwise I wouldn't have found out until I'd shelled out 10 bucks for parking, but some geeks just need to get out more.


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