2004-12-11 3:59 p.m.

An Ignorant Kitty Is Bliss

Thank you, Internet, for showing me that TheCat is way less crazy than she could be. Reasons why my cat rules:

  1. The largest thing she's destroyed is a corner of wall-to-wall carpet that the landlord should have replaced years earlier anyway. (And now we have hardwood, which is doing a number on her tiny head, but hey - no scratching!)

  2. She takes no interest at all in the Christmas tree.

  3. She only wants cat food, not people food. One Thanksgiving, back when I was hosting potlucks for my Austin friends and still eating meat, I tried to feed TheCat a piece of turkey. I dished it up, put it on a little plate next to her food bowl, and waited for her to chow down on it, fully expecting that it would thrill her to the tip of her toes. Instead, she sniffed it, recoiled in horror, then glared at me as if I'd tried to poison her. It was a disappointment, but it also meant that she wouldn't be nosing around begging while we were eating.

  4. TheCat has no pee issues. Sure, she took a whiz in a suitcase once, but it was empty.

I've been giving her extra pets the past couple of days and praising her for being a good, good kitty, which confuses her but she's not exactly complaining. I won't tell her about the posts, though, because I don't want her to get any ideas. If this good cat thing is conditional I don't want to find out the hard way.

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