2004-12-28 8:23 p.m.

Mortgage Roulette

Before Christmas, I got a chipper call from someone from a home finance company I'd never dealt with asking me to call her back. I left her a message saying I didn't have an account with them so I wasn't sure what she wanted.

She left me a message today saying I am a customer of her company and she was calling to "see if they could get me a better rate."

WTF? If this is true, then why didn't they bother to, oh, mail me and let me know that they were now servicing my loan? Why is the first thing I hear of this from some random sales droid? Also, this would be the FOURTH TIME in a YEAR that one of my home loans has been sold. Is it because I'm so (un)desirable as a debtor that they're all fighting over my loan and who gets (has) to take it? After all, I usually get at least one mortgage come-on mailed to me a day, and one day I got four.

I don't get mortgage companies at all.


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