2002-09-17 4:00 PM

No Love for the Monkey

There was no love for the rally monkey at the NetAss last night.

Multiple signs reading "Shock the Monkey" and "Cage the Monkey." "Burn the Monkey" t-shirts for sale in the parking lot at $10 a pop. Monkeys hung from the tops of A's flags. Monkeys with targets pasted on their stomachs. A monkey being tormented with a pitchfork. Monkeys dangled over the out-of-town scoreboard. A monkey strung up on a pole by his little monkey arms. An A's fan carrying a veritable bouquet of monkeys around the stadium -- hanging by adorable, carefully crafted little monkey nooses.

The Angels fans believe that the rally monkey has some kind of talismanic power to whip some life into their team. A's fans, naturally, would prefer that they not do that in our stadium, especially in the middle of a hot pennant race, and so new and inspired forms of monkey torture were born.

(Though the best sign of all wasn't monkey-related. It read: "The Only Time the Angels Won A Pennant Was In a Disney Movie!")

Do you suppose this means PETA will take back all the nice things they said about Oakland's ballpark food?


11 PM: Edited to add more ways that the monkeys suffered.

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