2002-06-03 6:30 PM

Every Woman's Dream

The story of Christine Silvas, the Sunday-school-teacher-turned-stripper mom, and her conflict with her daughter's school, has been front-page news in the Bay Area. In case your local paper shirked its journalistic duty and didn't provide adequate coverage (*koff*) of this important story: a Sacramento-area mom who used to teach Sunday school claimed she took a job as a stripper to pay her daughter's tuition. The school, which is Christian and requires parents to sign a philosophy statement, didn't take kindly to this and expelled her kid. After much hue and cry, they let her daughter back in -- and then Mom flew to Chicago to pose for Playboy.

Silvas told playboy.com that while she'd agreed to stop stripping, she hadn't agreed not to pose for Playboy. (I double-checked and the story confirmed that despite the rhetorical methods Silvas uses, it was in fact Silvas' daughter and not Silvas herself who is the kindergartner.) She also said that she believed that "posing for Playboy is the American dream for a woman."

Clearly, snoozing through the Female 101 lessons in early adolescence has once again caused me to fall out of step with mainstream American female opinion. What other things, I wondered, are "every woman's dream" -- except for mine?

I feel so much better knowing I've gotten up to speed on this.

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